Watch Out For These Possible Gun Law Changes Coming in 2021

( – Americans could see big changes in the political landscape in 2021 with the Senate’s future balance up for grabs along with the presidency. If Democratic hopeful Joe Biden ends up in the White House, there’s a genuine possibility his administration pushes an aggressive gun-control agenda. After all, he campaigned on the idea.

A quick review of Biden’s campaign website provides a pretty good map for future policy shifts regarding gun rights. Key policy proposals include:

  1. Removing legal protections for gun manufacturers;
  2. Enacting several new policies limiting the ownership of assault rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines;
  3. Initiating buyback programs;
  4. Requiring background checks for all gun sales and closing existing loopholes in the federal system; and
  5. Ending the online sales of firearms and ammunition.

Ironically, the possibility of a Biden presidency is good for the gun manufacturing industry, at least for now. Forbes recently reported that gun sale figures are through the roof in the wake of the anti-gun campaign he promised.

The presidential election outcome likely won’t be known until the Electoral College meets on December 14.

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