WHAT?! Here is Time Magazine’s 2019 “Person of the Year”

WHAT?! Here is Time Magazine's 2019
WHAT?! Here is Time Magazine's 2019 "Person of the Year"

First former President Barack Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize and now this?!

Time Magazine named teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg their 2019 “Person of the Year” on Wednesday.

At the age of 16, she’s become the youngest person to be recognized and chosen.

Here is a speech Thunberg made during the UN Climate Action Summit in September:

Here’s what the Time’s Editor-In-Chief and CEO Edward Felesnthal said about why they chose Thunberg:

While many are congratulating the young climate change activist, many others are scratching their heads asking themselves, “why her?!”

Let’s face it, being outspoken and voicing concern about the world’s climate doesn’t necessarily make someone an expert on climate change and government policies. Having a political opinion or saying the world will end in 10-12 years doesn’t exactly solve climate change problems, does it?

Greta made a statement saying, “we’re in the beginning of a mass extinction.” But are we?

Didn’t former Vice President Al Gore also make wild predictions about climate change many years ago as well?

What are your thoughts?

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