What the Polls Aren’t Telling Us

(ReliableNews.org) – President Trump believes the silent majority will carry him to another election victory in 2020, and he might be right if the past is any indication.
If you frequent Twitter, you’ve probably seen all the posts about Trump signs appearing on lawns despite what local polls report about his backing. There are also plenty of tweets like this one showing impromptu caravans of Trump voters showing their support in overwhelming numbers:

Some like to point to recent polling. However, polls don’t always provide an accurate picture of what to expect in elections.
For example, the Trump campaign’s internal polling only gave him 1-in-5 odds of winning on the eve of the 2016 election.
The day of the election, noted pollster Nate Silver’s website. FiveThirtyEight gave Hillary Clinton a 71.4% chance of winning, and The New York Times upped the ante giving her an 85% chance.
The 2020 election appears to be heading in the same direction with a September 9 Rasmussen Report survey indicating the silent majority could sweep the president to another victory.
Trump beat the odds in 2016, and there’s every indication it could happen again in 2020.
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