While Some Face 10 Years, Hunter Biden Hasn’t Even Been Charged

While Some Face 10 Years, Hunter Biden Hasn't Even Been Charged

Hunter Biden Has NOT Been CHARGED Yet — But Why?

(ReliableNews.org) – Hunter Biden is currently being investigated by the Department of Justice. Recent reports indicate the probe has reached a crossroads, and the feds have narrowed their focus to potential tax and gun crimes. Political pundits are wondering why the president’s son has not yet been arrested.

Recently, Nicole Silverio with the Daily Caller claimed there’s evidence to suggest Hunter Biden might have committed crimes when he allegedly lied on an application for a firearm.

A 2021 report indicated that in 2018, President Joe Biden’s only living son had checked a box “no” on a question about whether he was an “unlawful user of, or addicted to” controlled substances. However, in his memoir “Beautiful Things,” he may have contradicted the answer he wrote on the gun application.

The same year he purchased the weapon, Hunter Biden claimed he used his “superpower — finding crack anytime, anywhere.” In the book, he said he “never slept.”

In addition to possibly lying on the application, photos allegedly show Hunter Biden using drugs while in possession of a firearm. Meanwhile, in June, the DOJ charged 26-year-old Paul Lachapelle Jr. with possessing a gun while using drugs. The Vermont resident, whose father is not the leader of the free world, faces up to 10 years in prison. If the photos are authentic, then the president’s son could face serious time in prison — but federal authorities have not arrested him.

Do you think there is a double standard here? Should Hunter Biden be charged with a crime and forced to defend himself in court?

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