White House Accused of Telling States to Ignore Courts

White House Accused of Telling States to Ignore Courts

(ReliableNews.org) – On Saturday, November 6, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily halted President Joe Biden’s workplace vaccine mandate pending further judicial rule. The three-judge panel cited concerns regarding “grave statutory and constitutional issues” as the basis for its stay. Nevertheless, a defiant White House appeared to contradict that order during a Monday press briefing.

Associated Press reporter Zeke Miller asked principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre what message the White House wanted to send to businesses and Americans regarding the Fifth Circuit’s order.

Jean-Pierre responded defending a policy decision was nothing new for an administration — Democrat or Republican. “[It’s] something that happens all the time.” According to the deputy press secretary, the administration had the explicit authority to impose a vaccine mandate to protect workers and halt COVID-19’s spread.

Miller followed up, asking whether businesses should prepare their workers to vaccinate or hold off until the court issues its final ruling. In a stunning display, Jean-Pierre said companies and individuals shouldn’t wait.

“Do not wait,” she repeated. “It is important… to get more people vaccinated.”

Basically, telling businesses to ignore a federal stay is an astonishing position for the administration to take. What do you think? Should the White House undermine a separate but co-equal branch of government?

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