White House Going Into Lockdown Over Possible Election Unrest

(ReliableNews.org) – Radical leftist elements have ravaged American cities with riots, looting, and violence for months. Federal park police exercised extraordinary restraint while protecting President Donald Trump from protesters outside the White House on June 1, 2020. It’s no small wonder tension over possible unrest in the wake of the November 3 presidential election just got real — and in a big way.

NBC News White House correspondent Geoff Bennett reported on November 1 that a federal law enforcement source told him the White House would be going on lockdown. According to his source, workers would begin erecting a “non-scalable” fence to secure the White House complex and surrounding parks. Additionally, authorities placed National Guard troops on alert.


CNN independently confirmed the report on November 2, adding the security measures mark the highest-profile example of law enforcement officials preparing for possible unrest following the November 3 election.

President Trump is reportedly hosting hundreds in the White House East Room at an election night party. With any luck, the protective measures won’t end up being necessary.

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