White House Issues Urgent Alert About Impending Government Shutdown

(ReliableNews.org) – The United States is headed toward a government shutdown on October 1 if House Republicans can’t come together to pass a funding plan by the end of the month. A shutdown will impact people all over the country and negatively affect how America is viewed all over the world. Still, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has been unsuccessful in bringing his caucus together to reach a deal in time. Recently, the White House spoke out about the matter.

On September 20, the White House issued a statement about the impending governmental shutdown, blaming the chaos on extreme House Republicans who are marching our country toward disaster. The statement said if the GOP members in the Lower Chamber don’t get it together, the consequences would affect communities across the nation, the economy, and even America’s national security. The White House encouraged Republican House members to take a lesson from the bipartisanship of their party members in the Senate.

The administration said GOP legislators in the House are demanding cuts to education, food safety, housing, public health, child care, Meals on Wheels, and law enforcement — to name a few. Missing from the reportedly radical proposal is support for Ukraine, food assistance for women and children, counters to fentanyl trafficking, and help for disaster-struck communities.

The White House called the plan reckless, pointing out that even members of their own party don’t agree with some of the demands far-Right Republicans are insisting upon — like an evidence-free impeachment and cuts to programs that help American families and seniors.

Some consequences of a government shutdown include US military members and police going without pay, endangering disaster response, negatively affecting medical research for diseases, eliminating kids from Head Start, delaying travel and infrastructure projects, and undermining food safety. The White House encouraged Republicans in the House to stop playing games with people’s lives.

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