White House Recently Faced With Dangerous Situation

(ReliableNews.org) – COVID-19 has just hit Mike Pence’s security detail – and the White House was forced to take drastic measures.

According to the Daily Mail, the White House was just forced to INTERVENE in Vice President Mike Pence’s planned visit to Arizona. An emergency decision was made to cancel his appearance after “at least eight” Secret Service agents in his detail were diagnosed with Coronavirus.

An Emergency Decision

Vice President Pence was scheduled to appear in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday. Instead, he was forced to abruptly cancel the trip after an outbreak of Coronavirus supposedly infected 8 of his Secret Service agents.

The Washington Post confirms Pence was advised by health officials to delay the event. Allies of the president told Pence to wait until “healthy” agents could be found to replace the sick ones on duty.

“Scaled Back”

Pence eventually did go to Arizona, but he attended a very small “scaled back” meeting with political heads of state instead of the originally-planned political event. On Wednesday, Pence reportedly met with Governor Doug Ducey and other health officials, turning the meeting into an emergency public health briefing designed to discuss COVID-19.

Pence Responds

When asked why Pence decided to visit Arizona, he confirmed that he wanted to lead the effort to fight against Coronavirus:

“Well, the rising cases here in Arizona is why I’m here. It’s why we brought the White House Coronavirus Task Force here.”

Pence confirmed that he and President Trump are both endeavoring to work alongside government officials who want to flatten the virus’ curve:

“I’m a real believer, as President Trump is, in sitting down with the people that are leading the effort.”

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