White House Sends List Of Demands To Arizona Governor – It Doesn’t Go Well

Biden Admin Asks AZ Governor To Remove Makeshift Border Barrier

Biden Admin Asks AZ Officials To Remove Makeshift Border Barrier

(ReliableNews.org) – Arizona’s Republican Governor, Doug Ducey, has been vocal about his feeling that President Joe Biden isn’t doing enough to secure the border. The residents of his state are often left with damage and other negative impacts due to the surge of illegal immigrants crossing over to the US. Recently, the POTUS’ administration got into it with a state official about the matter.

The Department of Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation sent a letter to Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs Director Allen Clark, demanding the removal of a makeshift border wall. The structure consists of about 122 shipping containers in Yuma.

According to the letter, the state put 80 containers on land belonging to the Bureau of Reclamation near the Morelos Dam. Another 42 were placed on the Cocopah Indian Tribe’s West Reservation. The government contends the state trespassed when it created the makeshift wall. The Native American tribe has also complained about the containers, saying Arizona officials did not have their permission.

Clark responded in a letter of his own, and objected to the accusation that Arizona trespassed. He made it clear the state would move the containers when the federal government takes steps to erect a permanent structure.

The Bureau has said the government already stated it has plans for a permanent structure. However, the containers are interfering. For now, it seems the state and federal government are at an impasse.

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