Why Mount Everest Is Becoming So Deadly

Overcrowding and inexperience cause accidents all over the world in popular destinations every single year. A crowd can quickly turn into a mob, leading to chaos, and potentially, even fatal injuries.

But Mount Everest? Few of us picture masses of people gathering at its peak. After all, isn’t it supposed to be the hardest climb on Earth – a trip only for the strongest champion climbers?

It seems that’s no longer the case.

Reports from Nepal’s Mountaineering Association reveal a climbing death toll associated with the site – statistics they believe stem from inexperienced climbers making the trek without properly readying themselves.

Association president Santa Bir Lama told reporters that climbers cannot make the trek without receiving a government permit in advance. But permits can be drawn up with only a few days notice, allowing new climbers to make the attempt on a whim.

Nepal’s tourism official, Mira Acharya, is helping Bir Lama and the NMA lobby the government for changes to the permit system. “We are discussing reforming some issues, including setting criteria for every Everest hopeful,” he said. If approved, the changes would also force climbers to apply months in advance, giving them time to condition themselves for the intense hike.

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