Will Klobuchar’s Past Derail Her Future

Will Klobuchar's Past Derail Her Future

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) caught a lot of people by surprise with her third-place finish in the New Hampshire primary election. The new question becomes, can a “moderate” Democrat win the presidential nomination in a party that has drifted far into Socialist waters? Especially when her past might turn their “woke” electorate against her.

When she was Hennepin County Minnesota prosecutor, she vigorously pursued a murder case against a black 16-year old by the name of Myon Burrell in the murder of an 11-year old girl. She sought and won the conviction and a sentence of life in prison. It turns out the case was fraught with police corruption and other errors. The best she can offer now is a lame, “I endorse a review.”

Now, a 2006 video has surfaced of comments she made regarding immigration as a Minnesota State Senator. They include:

  • With all the legal immigration hopefuls, she said “that’s not right” in regard to illegals
  • Immigrants should speak English
  • Companies hiring illegal aliens should be prosecuted

In today’s left-fascist, Progressive Liberal version of the Democratic party, those words are considered offensive and racist. Even though they were uttered 14 years ago.

Will the holier-than-thou brigade crucify her for long-past actions? If recent history is any indicator, another candidate’s dream could be dead.

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