Wisconsin GOP Leader Who Angered Trump Faces Second Recall

(ReliableNews.org) – Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) is the longest-serving speaker in the state’s history. The Republican recently angered members of his party and former President Donald Trump when he refused to impeach the official overseeing the state elections. Vos is now facing a second recall election.

On May 28, Trump supporters, including a former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, submitted 9,022 signatures for a recall election. The bipartisan Wisconsin Elections Commission must decide if enough of the signatures were valid for recall efforts to move forward. The panel previously rejected another attempt to force the recall because they didn’t have enough signatures. They submitted over 9,000 signatures in March, but only 5,905 of those signatures were valid.

Former Justice Michael Gableman claimed the previous effort to recall Vos was “sabotaged” but said there were more stringent procedures in place that ensured that they only collected valid signatures.

The recent signatures were primarily gathered from the district that elected Vos in 2022. He doesn’t live there anymore, but the Conservatives needed at least 6,850 valid signatures from the district that elected him to serve.

Vos accused the Republicans of targeting him as being “whack jobs and morons.” He also said they “engaged in election fraud on a massive scale” during the first effort. He claimed there are similar reports this time around. The speaker said he’s looking forward to “rooting out any criminality and ensuring” anyone trying to defraud voters would be “held accountable.”

The Assembly speaker has 10 days to challenge signatures on any grounds, including that someone signed another person’s name, signing it more than once, or if they don’t live in the legislative district. Vos is also allowed to challenge them if he thinks the person circulating the petition lied or misled the person who signed it. Additionally, signatures that were collected outside of the allowable period can also be challenged.

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