‘Woke’ Virginia Tech Professor Apologizes for the Skin She Was Born With

'Woke' Virginia Tech Professor Apologizes for the Skin She Was Born With

(ReliableNews.org) – It’s becoming increasingly difficult to recognize America’s education system from the one in place a couple of years ago. Thanks to a combination of critical race theory teaching and America’s rising “woke culture,” schools are no longer what they were just a few years ago.

A perfect case in point is a Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University professor who recently issued an apology to her students “of color.” Liberal Art and Humanities instructor Crystal Duncan Lane, Ph.D., basically apologized to her students in her class syllabus for being a privileged, white, cisgender woman.

Dr. Lane also attempted to explain herself, writing that she “benefited” from being a married middle-class woman. According to her, she will continue to benefit from the ethnic and class traits whether or not she likes it.

Lane concluded the “Who I Am” section of her syllabus, writing that her privilege was an “injustice.” She vowed to work on a daily basis to be an “antiracist” and to battle the racism she inherited from birth. “I apologize for the… horrors within her shared history,” she wrote to her “students of color.”

Conservative watchdog organization and website Campus Reform reached out to Lane’s students. They related that they strongly disagreed with her decision to issue a blanket apology in her syllabus.

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