Woman Stabs Man 100 Times and Gets No Jail Time

(ReliableNews.org) – It takes a tremendous amount of energy and effort to stab someone more than 100 times. Especially when the victim is fighting for their lives. That’s exactly what one woman did, and it turns out, she won’t be going to jail for the killing.

On May 27, 2018, Bryn Spejcher was dating accountant Chad O’Melia in California. On that evening, the couple smoked a bong filled with marijuana at O’Melia’s Thousand Oaks apartment. After doing the drugs, Spejcher reportedly experienced an adverse reaction to it called “Cannabis-Induced Psychotic Disorder.”

During the mental health episode, Spejcher stabbed her 26-year-old boyfriend 108 times with three different knives. She then turned the knife on herself and stabbed herself multiple times. When the police arrived at the apartment the next day, they found O’Melia on the ground in a pool of blood, dead. The suspect was holding the knife and screaming wildly.

According to reports, Spejcher stabbed herself in the neck when police tried to get the weapon from her. They had to use a taser and hit her with a baton to get the knife away from her.

The Ventura County District Attorney charged Spejcher with manslaughter. Then, a new DA took over and downgraded the charge to involuntary manslaughter. Lawyers for the defendant argued that she wasn’t responsible for the murder because she ingested a single hit from the bong.

Ventura County Superior Court Judge David Worley sentenced Spejcher to just two years of probation. The 32-year-old won’t have to serve a single day in jail for the killing.

Sean O’Melia, the victim’s father, told the New York Post that his son’s killer was “given a free pass for murder.” He accused the judge of being biased throughout the trial and said he “proved it with this sentence.” The angry father went on to say his family is “so disappointed” because they don’t believe there was any justice for Chad.

“That judge just gave everyone” in California a “license to kill,” Sean O’Melia stated.

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