Worldwide Update on COVID-19

Worldwide Update on COVID-19

( – COVID-19 has had dramatic effects on virtually every country in the world. Global stock markets have suffered for weeks even though there’s more market optimism as vaccine developments continue. Still, each nation is dealing with the virus differently.


The virus is still spreading in China, the source of the outbreak. However, the rate of infection is drastically lower than it was at the onset due to the government’s quarantine efforts. As of late-March, there are around 81,000 known cases in the country. That’s only up by a few thousand from mid-February when the infection rate began tapering off.


As of March 21, there are more than 47,000 cases of COVD-19 in Italy. The country is under lockdown right now to slow down the spread. Over 4,000 people have died in Italy, surpassing China’s 3,250-plus deaths.

The result: Italians need to fill out a form every time they leave the house. Without a “correct” form they can be fined by the police.

In addition, the Italian military has rolled out to help containment efforts in the northern part of the country. Hospitals in the area are struggling to treat everyone because the virus spread so rapidly. The troops are securing the area and aiding in lockdown efforts.


Argentina just went into a lockdown similar to Italy’s. A mandatory quarantine is in place. As a result, students and adults are working from home. Non-essential workers must stay at home until the end of March as the government fights the 150 known infections in the country.


As of March 21, Egypt has 294 confirmed COVID-19 cases. The government is currently grappling with what to do about its overcrowded prisons.

Egypt canceled family visits in prisons to try and prevent the virus from spreading in the jails. Unfortunately, that’s left some inmates without clothes and medicine. Protestors are asking for the release of “prisoners of conscience” and others who don’t pose threats to society.

This call to release certain inmates comes after Iran released over 85,000 prisoners this month.


India has one of the largest populations in the world with 1.3 billion individuals. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is asking citizens to stay indoors. He’s also canceled incoming international flights for one week starting March 22.

Police forces are enforcing non-essential private sector employees to work from home. There are more than 330 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in India as of March 21.


Russian President Vladimir Putin is struggling to keep a grip on his efforts to consolidate power in the wake of COVID-19. The former KGB spy is using facial-recognition and various crowd-control tools to control a fearful populace and secure his regime. The country is reporting over 300 cases of the virus as of March 21.

While it may seem as though the virus isn’t spreading quite as rapidly in some countries, other nations are not as lucky. In particular, what happens to Italy could set the global tone going forward and demonstrate what measures are necessary to avoid a catastrophe.

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