Russia Reveals Terrifying New Nuclear Submarine

Tuesday, while the rest of the world looked on with a mix of horror and amazement, Vladimir Putin looked on as his new Belgorod submarine left the coast of northwestern Russia.

Special Project 09852, as the new Doomsday weapon is called, is getting a lot of attention. Forget about small scale sub attacks. This is a beast that may be able to create tidal waves wherever its operators want it to.

The US has good reason to carefully monitor Russia’s development of nuclear-powered weapons. According to reports, The Russian Navy made it clear the sub was created in part to be the carrier for Poseidon drones.

What do you think about this new Doomsday weapon? Should the US be worried or at the very least, should the Dems start rethinking their attitude when it comes to our President trying to improve relations with Russia?

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