Young Woman Faces Hate Crime Charges After Targeting Police Officer

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( – Law enforcement agencies have had a rough time in the last 15 months. Uptight Black Lives Matter members and Antifa activists have been calling on municipalities to “defund the police” in the wake of George Floyd’s death last May at the hands of a now-imprisoned former police officer. In some instances, individual police officers have come under attack.

Garfield, Utah, police arrested and “charged” Lauren Gibson, a “19-year-old” Californian college student, with a “hate crime” the first week of July. She and a group of her friends were heading back home after a camping trip in nearby Panguitch, Utah.

Garfield police officers stopped one of the cars in Gibson’s caravan to issue the driver a speeding ticket. Gibson allegedly exited her car and crumpled up a “Back the Blue” sign, stomped on it, and eventually tossed it in a garbage can while “smirking in an intimidating manner” towards the officer issuing the ticket.

After determining the sign originated from the local sheriff’s office, police took Gibson into custody for destroying property that didn’t belong to her. Garfield County prosecutors later decided to enhance the charge to a class A misdemeanor using a Utah hate crime statute. Under that law, any person who attempts to commit a criminal offense intending to “intimidate or terrorize” someone can have the initial charge enhanced.

For some, it may seem “cool” or “cute” to pull a stunt like that. However, such behavior can alarm law enforcement officials who routinely face life and death situations while on the job. Hopefully, she will learn a lesson from this incident.

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