YouTube Censors Side With China

YouTube Censors Side With China

( – Reports recently surfaced that YouTube has been deleting comments critical of the Communist Party of China. Some of the language removed included derogatory names for the party such as “communist bandit.” The social media giant is now admitting to the deleted comments but claims it was a mistake.

As far back as 2019, people complained on YouTube Help, the site’s community forum, about their comments being censored. On April 25, a Twitter user complained about it as well.

A spokesperson for YouTube responded to an email from The Verge and claimed the removal of the comments was “an error” in their “enforcement system. The “error” has been happening for months and they’ve failed to correct it even after users complained. Some people, like Donald Trump Jr., aren’t buying it.

YouTube isn’t the first to be accused of toeing the Communist Party’s line. President Donald Trump said the World Health Organization (WHO) was a “puppet” of China and blamed them for pushing Chinese propaganda which delayed the global pandemic response. Officials in Beijing are censoring their own medical researchers and not allowing them to publish anything related to the origin of the coronavirus without approval first. With all of that, it’s easy to understand why people aren’t taking the social media giant’s excuse at face value.

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