Trump Set to Speak to the Libertarian Party

( – Experts expect the presidential election to be decided by thousands, not millions, of votes. That means both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden will have to woo independents if they hope to win. The Republican is doing that by taking his message to an unexpected venue.

On May 1, the Libertarian Party announced that Trump responded to an invitation to speak at its National Convention. The party will share a list of its top 10 issues with the presumptive Republican nominee ahead of the May 25 event in Washington, DC. The statement said they hoped it would “make an impact on the policy positions of a past, and possibly future, President.”

According to Angela McArdle, the chairwoman of the Libertarian Party, Trump’s speech will be the first time a major party candidate speaks to the party at its convention. She said they’ve been trying to get major candidates there for 50 years it never happened before. McArdle said the party was going to do what they could to use the “incredible opportunity to advance the message of liberty.”

Trump said that he thinks the Libertarian Party’s members are “some of the most independent and thoughtful thinkers” in America. He said he was “honored” to join them in the nation’s capital. He went on to say they all have to “work together to help advance freedom and liberty,” and claimed he would do that if he won a second term in the White House. He told them that if they voted for him, the election wouldn’t even be close.

The Libertarian Party has conservative views but believes more in personal freedoms. For example, it doesn’t typically get involved in wedge issues like abortion and gay marriage. Trump’s appearance at the convention could also help to blunt the impact of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent campaign.

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