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Church Receives Threatening Message From Terror Group Antifa

(Tea Party 247) – Hypocrisy is the cornerstone of the left. All leftists are convinced “their truth” is the only truth despite it constantly being ...Read More

Animal Testing Comes To An End Under Trump Administration

The odds have been stacked against the Trump administration from the very beginning. He’s done a lot of great things since taking office – though y ...Read More

Turkey’s Short-Term Cease-fire

Turkey's Short-term Cease-fire

Turkey’s relentless aggression against the Kurds in northern Syria has caused a great deal of disruption to the region. Turkey launched strikes tar ...Read More

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Is Egypt to Blame for Former President’s Death?

Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, died this week after he suddenly collapsed...

Israel Honors Trump

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu applauded President Trump this week for his astonishing action...

Multiple Dead Americans Lead FBI to Investigate This Popular Vacation Spot

Are American tourists to the Dominican Republic in danger? That’s the question the FBI...

USA News

Melania Gets Called a New Name

It seems like our First Lady is surrounded by a constant onslaught of judgement....

Melania Tells Media Exactly Where to Aim Their Lenses

It's hard to figure out how our country is doing with all the fake...

Mueller Speaks Out on Russia Probe

Mueller, having found nothing that he could pin on Trump in his Russia investigation,...

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