Another Attorney Kills Attorney and Wife

( – Ashley Prince and Dylan Houston were once married with two kids. They divorced, and she married prominent Las Vegas attorney, Dennis Prince. Now, the Princes are dead after being shot during a custody deposition.

On April 8, Houston’s parents, Las Vegas attorney Joseph Houston II and Katherine Houston, attended a deposition at Dennis Prince’s office. The meeting also included attorney Lisa Rasmussen, who was there to represent Katherine, a court reporter, Mr. and Mrs. Prince, and another attorney, Shannon Wilson, who was pregnant. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported a court document filed by Michele LoBello, one of Ashley Prince’s attorneys, explaining the events that led to the shooting.

According to the report, Joseph Houston II, 77, stood up about five minutes into the meeting and “had a very glazed and rattled look in his eyes.” He suddenly pulled out a gun and shot Mr. Prince four times. The 57-year-old was fatally injured. Houston also shot and killed his 30-year-old former daughter-in-law. Wilson immediately hid under the table when the shooting began, and she begged the shooter to spare her because she was pregnant.

LoBello said that Houston allowed Wilson to leave the conference room, and that’s when she heard more shots. That was Houston fatally shooting himself, according to reports.

Ashley and Dylan Houston divorced in 2021. He is also an attorney in Las Vegas, and after the divorce, both were given joint custody of their two children. After allegations that Dylan was using drugs and alcohol, including allegedly testing positive for cocaine, the custody of the kids was in dispute. A court had ordered him to take breathalyzer tests before he could see his children.

Local news, 8 News Now, reported that five days before the shooting, Dylan sent Dennis a message that said, “You have no idea what’s coming do you, all your cards are on the table and I haven’t played one [laughing emoji].”

Ashley, who recently had a baby with her new husband, reportedly wanted to hire security for the meeting. When she learned her ex-husband wouldn’t be there, she canceled the security.

On the afternoon of the shooting, a judge gave Ashley Prince’s sister temporary custody of Dylan and Ashley’s two children.

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