Protestor Dragged Out of Biden Event

( – Robert F. Kennedy “RFK” Jr is running for president as an independent candidate after his run as a Democratic candidate failed. His famous family doesn’t support his run. A protester recently interrupted an event between the Kennedys and President Joe Biden.

On April 18, Kerry Kennedy, RFK Jr.’s sister, spoke to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. A screaming man interrupted her interview. Footage from the event captured him loudly yelling that he had the right to be at the event.

The man shrieked, “What did I do to you? I did nothing. This is a free country. This is a free country. I have rights!” Reports didn’t indicate what the man was protesting about. Security dragged him out of the event.

The event went on as planned after the man’s screams were silenced by security. Kennedy spoke for more than a dozen family members and endorsed the current president for reelection. RFK Jr. is trying to run on the legacies of his father, Robert F. Kennedy, and his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy. But the family put that notion to bed and claimed Biden is the candidate who is truly moving the legacies of the men forward.

The Kennedy family worries that his candidacy will help former President Donald Trump win reelection. The fear is that RFK Jr. will pull votes away from Biden and allow the Republican to get the upper hand. There’s reason to fear that. While Biden won by millions of popular votes in 2020, he only won the Electoral College by thousands of votes spread across a handful of states.

RFK Jr. hasn’t let the endorsements bother him. He spoke about them on April 21, saying that some of his loved ones don’t like that he’s running for president, but he wasn’t mad about it. “I love my family, either way,” the candidate said.

The protester at Biden’s campaign event could be an indication that people are not getting behind him, no matter how many famous endorsements he receives.

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