Trump Says If He Doesn’t Get Immunity, Biden Will Be Prosecuted

( – Time conducted multiple interviews in April with former President Donald Trump to discuss his plans for America if he wins another four years in the White House. The discussions involved his intentions for migrants in the US, women, abortion, the economy, international relations, and the general makeup of the government. One other issue he addressed was the ongoing question of presidential immunity.

What Did He Say?

Trump and the interviewer were discussing his previous declarations of retribution should he retake the Oval Office. The person referenced the former president, saying he would “appoint a real special prosecutor to go after Biden and his family.” Trump answered that it “depends” on the SCOTUS decision on presidential immunity.

Trump said if the justices decide that presidents are not above the law, neither is Biden. As such, Trump concluded that he would “be prosecuted for 20 different acts” — but it would likely have “nothing to do with [him].” He indicated that President Biden would be tried for allegedly “taking a lot of money,” the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and other issues “throughout the world.”

Trump said he believes presidents should have immunity because if they don’t, the office would be nothing more than “just a ceremonial position.” But if the Supreme Court finds they don’t, he’s sure Biden “will be prosecuted.” He also blamed President Biden for his multiple criminal court cases, one ongoing and others in the works. Trump believes the president is behind it all; however, the interviewer clarified there is no proof of that accusation.

What Else Did He Say?

Trump talked about using the National Guard and possibly the US military to round up and deport millions of migrants from the country. He also considered the idea of placing them in detention camps, although he didn’t think that would be necessary with his plan of mass deportations.

The former president also addressed the issue of abortion — a hot-button subject during this election cycle. Trump wouldn’t commit to vetoing a federal ban on abortion because he said such a bill would never come across his desk. He said the issue would stay with the states while refusing to say whether he was comfortable or not with laws monitoring women’s pregnancies or punishing women for having abortions.

The other big issue addressed was the economy. Trump said he plans to place a tax on imports, which the interviewer concluded would be passed onto the consumer. The former president disagreed, stating the tariffs would discourage importing goods and encourage companies in America to make and sell the products instead.

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