Reggie Bush Gets His Heisman Trophy Back

( – Running back Reggie Bush had one of the most storied careers in the history of college football. He helped lead the University of Southern California (USC) to two national championships. In 2005, he won the most prestigious award in college sports, the Heisman Trophy. Five years later, the same year he won the Super Bowl, Bush forfeited his Heisman — but now it’s been reinstated.

On April 24, the Heisman Trophy Trust announced Bush was having his award reinstated. A press release from the organization announced it was also returning a replica trophy to USC. Bush was forced to give the trophy back and his win was erased from the records after the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) stripped him of his records in 2010.

The NCAA took action against the star after an investigation uncovered he and his family profited from his name and image. A sports marketing investor reportedly provided his parents with a rent-free home. They also reportedly received money and a car. Bush was also found to have benefited financially from the deal.

After the probe, the NCAA stripped Bush of his illustrious records and ordered USC to disassociate with him. The school had to remove all mention of him from its campus and athletic records. USC also had to vacate its championship wins and lost scholarships. The penalties were severe.

In 2021, however, the US Supreme Court ruled that athletes had the right to profit from their likeness and image. The high court rejected the NCAA’s argument that allowing athletes to make money from their talents would alienate fans. After the ruling, Bush and others began a campaign to have his records reinstated and for the return of his Heisman Trophy. He’s still fighting the NCAA in court but he now has his trophy again.

Michael Comerford, the president of the Heisman Trophy Trust, said the organization was “so happy to welcome [Bush] back.”

During a press conference on April 25, Bush said, “I manifested this, I really did.”

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