Teen Gunman Outside Middle School Fatally Shot

(ReliableNews.org) – Gun violence is a constant issue in America, where shootings occur daily across the US. While there are gun laws that try to mitigate the barrage, current legislation does little to quell the onslaught of gun-related injuries and deaths. Even the most vulnerable in our communities, the children, aren’t safe in their own schools. One recent incident in a Wisconsin middle school ended in tragedy but could’ve been much worse.

On May 1, police were called to the Mount Horeb Middle School early in the morning for a possible school shooting. They arrived to find a 14-year-old with what was described as a long gun outside of his school, but he hadn’t made it inside the building. After what was presumably a standoff, several officers shot the teen, killing him. It’s unclear what kind of gun he had or whether he intended to enter the school, but an initial investigation showed he was working alone.

While no one was physically injured, there were children and staff at the school during the shooting. A local business owner reported seeing hundreds of children running for safety once the shooting started. A little boy said his teacher instructed him and his classmates to flee — and they did.

The Mount Horeb Area School District shut down area schools until the problem was resolved, announcing on social media that the immediate threat was over. Police swept the area to ensure nobody else was injured during the ordeal and found that everyone was safe. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D) and two leaders from the Mount Horeb community applauded the police department for its handling of the situation.

There has been no word on who the boy was, why he arrived at the school armed that day, or whether he fired a shot. Wisconsin’s attorney general said the investigation into the incident is underway.

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