Biden Plans to Allow 100,000 Migrants to Join Obamacare

( – The Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” allows Americans and lawfully present immigrants to purchase private health insurance from a marketplace. Those who meet income requirements also qualify for tax credits to lower the cost of their premium. President Joe Biden is now trying to allow immigrants brought to the US as children to enroll in the marketplace.

On May 3, Biden announced the final rule that will expand access to Obamacare to include recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The president stated the recipients deserve “access to affordable, quality health care coverage.” The administration said the rule reinforced Biden’s “enduring commitment to DACA recipients and Dreamers” who strengthen America. They will be able to access the marketplace when it opens on November 1.

The new rule will almost certainly face a court battle. The Affordable Care Act explicitly prohibits illegal immigrants from enrolling in the program. Although DACA recipients are allowed to work, go to school, and are safe from deportation, they don’t qualify for the law under its current definition of “lawfully present.” Permanent residents, those with temporary protected status, and asylum seekers are the classes of migrants currently allowed to purchase insurance policies through the marketplace.

To get around the law, Biden has expanded the definition of “lawfully present” to include DACA recipients. The administration expects approximately 100,000 immigrants to sign up for the program, even though there are more than half a million DACA recipients. That’s because some of them won’t be able to afford the coverage and others get their health coverage through their jobs.

Karoline Leavitt, former President Donald Trump’s spokeswoman, criticized Biden for the decision. She said Trump would “seal the border, stop the invasion, and expand economic opportunity for American citizens, not illegal aliens.” FiveThirtyEight’s polls show Trump is currently leading Biden in the polls for the 2024 election.

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