Man Sets Himself on Fire, Dies Outside Trump Trial Courthouse

( – Sometimes people are so passionate about a subject that they’ll do anything to bring attention to it — even it means dying. That was the case for a man in Washington, DC.

On April 19, Max Azzarello began throwing pamphlets in the air at Collect Pond Park across from the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse where former President Donald Trump’s trial was taking place. The leaflets the 37-year-old St. Augustine, Florida, resident made rain contained anti-government conspiracy theories.

Azzarello also reportedly posted his manifesto on a website where he ranted about Ponzi schemes and cryptocurrency. He called himself an “investigative researcher.”

After throwing the leaflets, Azzarello set himself on fire. Horrified onlookers ran to him and tried to put the fire out. Dozens of police officers, in the area for the Trump trial, climbed over barricades and ran to the man to help him. After they extinguished the flames, first responders loaded him into an ambulance and whisked him away to a hospital.

Azzarello passed away several hours later in the burn unit. It was reported Azzarello was an organ donor. LiveOnNY President Leonard Achan told the outlet that the victim’s kidneys were transplanted into two people, saving their lives. He extended his “deepest condolences” to the Azzarello family.

According to police, Azzarello was in the city for a couple of days, walking around with signs that read, “Trump is with [President Joe] Biden and they’re about to fascist coup us.” He was originally at Washington Square Park but relocated to the park across from the courthouse because he thought more people would be there. On April 18, he stood in the park and shouted, “Trump’s in on it. It’s a secret kleptocracy, and it can only lead to an apocalyptic fascist coup.”

Law enforcement contacted Azzarello’s family, but they said they didn’t know where he was until after he set himself ablaze. His mom passed away in 2022, and some of the people close to him believed he was having a hard time dealing with her loss.

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