Ex-Spokesperson for Jill Biden Blasts the Biden Administration

(ReliableNews.org) – On November 5, a Times/Siena poll of six key battleground states for the 2024 presidential election showed a hypothetical showdown between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. The ex-US leader edged ahead by four points overall. The current commander-in-chief earned 44% of the vote, whereas the former president got 48% — despite his legal woes. That survey and others angered a former spokesperson for the first lady.

On November 7, First Lady Jill Biden’s former spokesperson, Michael LaRosa, posted his thoughts about another poll released by CNN. He served as her press secretary from January 2021 to August 2022. The survey he referred to measured how voters favored or didn’t favor Biden and Trump. The poll showed that 36% of respondents saw the president in a favorable light, while 38% viewed the former POTUS this way.

LaRosa called the results “inexcusable,” stating Biden is known for his “character” and “integrity.” The former spokesperson blamed the numbers on the Biden team’s failure to address the ongoing smear campaign against him. He said voters need to fill the void of silence with something, and the Biden team has done a poor job combating misinformation, conspiracies, and flat-out lies against the president.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski also faulted Biden’s staff for improperly handling the president during a rant a few months ago. She reportedly said staffers need to account for the US leader’s age and ensure there’s no room for anyone to criticize him on that front. She was referring to his tripping over the sandbag at the US Air Force Academy and other instances where clips made Biden look lost.

LaRosa encouraged Biden to change his team, saying that making the move now would show that he cares about how voters see him. Despite the recent polling, Biden 2024 campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez is “confident the American people” will still choose the Biden/Harris team to run the country next year.

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