Father of Accused Murderer Talks as Additional Body Parts Found

(ReliableNews.org) – Sade Robinson, 19, went on a date on April 1 and never came home. Police found the Milwaukee teenager’s car on fire the next day and later discovered body parts in Lake Michigan. More body parts have now been discovered, and the suspect’s father is talking.

On April 18, investigators with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office were investigating after body parts were found along a remote part of the lake’s shoreline. A civilian was walking along the beach when they came upon an arm and a torso. Law enforcement believes they are Robinson’s remains.

Robinson disappeared after going on a date with Maxwell Anderson. After their first date, prosecutors allege she went with the 33-year-old to his apartment. Authorities used information gathered from Robinson’s phone, witness statements, and surveillance footage to figure out what happened to her from the time she went on the date until human remains were found at the lake.

On April 2, the Milwaukee Fire Department responded to a call about a car fire. A witness told authorities he saw a white male, wearing a grey hoodie and carrying a tan backpack get out of the vehicle and throw a lighter into it. The vehicle belonged to Robinson. The clothes she was last seen wearing and the remnants of a cell phone were found in the trunk.

Video footage taken from a transit center shows Anderson getting off a bus wearing a grey hoodie and carrying a tan backpack. On the evening of April 2, someone found a human leg at Warnimont Park. DNA testing proved it belonged to Robinson.

Two days later, on April 4, authorities arrested Anderson. Police found a hoodie matching the one the suspect who torched the car was wearing. A search warrant found blood in a bedroom in his apartment and on the walls leading to the basement. More human remains were found on April 6. Police have not found Robinson’s head yet.

Kuchler & Cotton S.C., a law firm, released a statement from Steven Anderson, the suspect’s father, expressing his family’s “deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences” to Robinson’s family. He said they were “shocked and devastated by her senseless death.”

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