Nine Individuals Accused in Huge Gold Theft

( – In April 2023, a group of thieves in Canada organized a heist to steal about $14.5 million worth of gold and cash. The job will go down in history as the largest theft of its kind in Canadian history—one that would make Danny Ocean proud. But evading the authorities wouldn’t last forever, as nine perpetrators were recently caught and arrested.

On April 17, the Canadian police apprehended the suspects, reporting that the group allegedly stole the gold, melted it down, and combined it with the cash to purchase illegal firearms. Authorities were able to recover a small portion of the cash and seized some of the weapons, but most of the treasure and a few more suspects are still out there.

The heist involved the alleged cooperation of a jewelry store owner, employees from Air Canada (the airline that transported the items), and a driver who moved the merchandise after it arrived.

The scam started when the suspects reportedly ordered gold and money from a business in Switzerland. After the goods arrived, one of the perpetrators allegedly presented a fraudulent bill to procure the items, stealing millions in cash and precious metals.

For a year, Peel Regional Police investigated the incident many described as unbelievable. Their work paid off, as they arrested the jewelry store owner, a former Air Canada employee, the driver — who was nabbed in the States — and several others allegedly involved in the theft.

Brinks, the company tasked with picking up the merchandise, sued Air Canada over the loss. Air Canada claimed its innocence, stating the business itself did nothing wrong.

According to Peel Regional Detective Sgt. Mike Mavity, the suspects couldn’t have pulled off the heist without involving people from Air Canada. The sergeant said when police initially arrived to investigate the theft, one of the employees who gave them a tour was in on the crime. He is one of the three remaining suspects still on the run.

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