Rep. Comer Calls Out WH Obstruction in Impeachment Inquiry

( – The impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden has not gone anywhere. House Republicans have been unable to prove the president played any part in his son, Hunter Biden, and brother, James Biden’s, business ventures. House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) is now accusing the president of obstruction.

The problem began in March when Comer invited the president to testify at the impeachment inquiry. Like former President Donald Trump during the two Democratic-led impeachments against him, Biden turned down the invitation. White House counsel Richard Sauber reportedly sent Comer a letter that said his “impeachment investigation is over.”

The attorney for the president said the only thing Comer’s inquiry has done is produce “abundant evidence” that proves Biden didn’t do anything wrong. Sauber went on to say that the chairman has also shown the American people that facts don’t matter to him because, despite the evidence to the contrary, he continues to “peddl[e] these false and unsupported allegations” against the president.

On April 15, Comer responded in a statement saying that Biden is refusing to testify publicly, just like his son. He accused the POTUS of lying about his relationships with Hunter Biden’s business partners and “denying they existed when his son said under oath” that they did.

Comer also sent a letter to Sauber on April 17, renewing his request for the president to provide information about his interactions with his son’s business partners. He also asked the White House to allow the National Archives and Records Administration to comply with the impeachment inquiry’s records requests. Those requests include Biden’s emails as vice president, where he allegedly communicated with his son’s business partners, Air Force 2 manifests, and his draft speeches from a 2015 speech in Ukraine.

Comer claimed the Biden family’s business associates have testified he has engaged in the business dealings. However, during testimony in September, Comer’s impeachment witnesses publicly stated there was no evidence the president committed a crime.

Sauber has not responded to Comer’s latest request.

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