China Starts Growing on Tiny Island Close to America

( – China is currently expanding its military. It has a multi-year plan to increase the strength of its army. It’s also expanding its global influence, especially in Latin American countries. Now, the Asian nation has established a presence close to the US.

According to reports, the Chinese government is going to build a special economic zone on the Caribbean island of Antigua. The small island is just 220 miles away from the US Virgin Islands. The area has long been known as “America’s third border,” which has raised concerns about expanding Chinese influence in the region.

Currently, the Chinese Communist Party has security forces on the island, freely roaming around. The new economic zone is going to have its own immigration formalities, customs, port, a dedicated airline, and will even issue passports to people. Residents will be able to learn about Chinese President Xi Jinping and study his thoughts. The communists will also establish businesses on the island that offer everything from facial surgery to cryptocurrencies.

The Chinese government wants to blunt the US influence in the world. For a long time, Russia and America were the only two superpowers left. Russian President Vladimir Putin has blown up his country’s reputation as a powerful global influence after invading Ukraine. That has left the US as the primary superpower, but Xi’s administration wants to take that title from Washington.

Meanwhile, the US government views China’s expansion of influence as one of its biggest threats. Having the economic zone just 200 milies away is a cause for concern. A spokesperson for the Pentagon’s Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), told Newsweek that they are “aware that China may use its commercial and diplomatic presence for military purposes.” They went on to say Xi’s government has already “abused commercial agreements” in places like the Middle East and Africa, leading the Pentagon to worry that it could happen a lot closer to home.

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