Minnesota Democratic Senator Arrested for Burglary

(ReliableNews.org) – Roderick Mitchell, 72, died in March 2023. When he passed away, he only had two heirs, his wife, Carol Mitchell, and daughter, Minnesota state Sen. Nicole Mitchell (D). Mr. Mitchell did not write a will before he passed away, so the probate court ruled earlier this year that everything would go to his spouse. That caused his daughter to allegedly break the law.

On April 22, Detroit Lakes police officers in Becker County responded to a call about a burglary. The cops searched the basement and found a woman, who they identified as state Senator Mitchell, dressed in black clothing and a black hat. They also noticed the suspect covered a flashlight with a black sock.

The officers discovered Senator Mitchell allegedly entered the house through a window in the basement. She reportedly left a backpack near it that contained several identifying items and two laptops. Authorities later learned one of the computers belonged to Carol Mitchell.

One of the officers read Mitchell her Miranda Rights and she decided to talk anyway. The probable cause affidavit stated the Democratic lawmaker explained her dad recently died and her stepmother cut the family off from all communication. She said that she tried to get some of her father’s belongings from her stepmom, including a flannel shirt, family photos, and his ashes, but Carol didn’t give her anything.

An officer asked the senator what happened that caused her to allegedly decide to break into the home and Mitchell said her dad’s ashes were the final straw for her.

The senator was arrested and charged with burglary. In a post on Facebook, Mitchell claimed her stepmom was suffering from paranoia associated with Alzheimer’s. She said she learned information that caused her concern, and she decided to check on her stepmom. Mitchell claimed the home she entered was a place she had repeatedly visited over the last 20 years. The senator said that when she went over there the last time, she scared her stepmother and made the paranoia worse, which led to the police call.

The lawmaker is scheduled to appear in court next on June 10.

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