Rob Schneider Backs RFK Jr. in Controversial Move

( – Comedian Rob Schneider is known for his time on “Saturday Night Live” and appearances in Adam Sandler movies. Over the years, he has made it no secret that he has strong political beliefs. He has now endorsed a candidate for president.

Schneider joined “Fox & Friends First,” to discuss his support of independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.). The comedian said that he considers the candidate one of his friends and believes that he’s focused on issues that matter to the American people.

The actor explained that health care is of particular concern to him and RFK Jr. feels the same way. Schneider pointed out the American people spend “five times more than they do in Europe for health care.” And our results aren’t nearly as good. He also said that 60% of Americans and 54% of kids are not healthy, which should be “the biggest story” in the media.

The actor slammed Congress for sending money to Ukraine, and its constant involvement in wars. Instead, he said lawmakers should worry about getting homeless people off of the streets and getting people healthy. Those are all issues that RFK Jr. is focused on.

The “Waterboy” actor thinks the American people are sick of voting for the same people, referring to the rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Further, he thinks the Democratic Party has “entrenched power” and they are not the “party of the people.” Instead, he said the Left wants censorship and accused the Department of Justice of failing to act when the government was allegedly caught colluding with social media companies.

Schneider also attacked Republican lawmakers for failing to impeach President Joe Biden. He called it “embarrassing” and said they are “getting closer and closer to doing nothing” about the POTUS. He also called it “humiliating” to “see just how tawdry” the president’s family is.

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