Judge Rules in Donald Trump’s Favor in Fani Willis Case

(ReliableNews.org) – Recently, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis faced removal from the Georgia RICO case against former President Donald Trump and others. The reason was that she was romantically involved with the special prosecutor Nathan Wade, who she hired to assist her. Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee decided she could continue on the case, but Trump’s attorneys asked to appeal that decision.

On March 20, the judge ruled in Trump’s favor, stating the former president and his fellow defendants could indeed appeal his decision to have Willis removed. McAfee had ordered that the case could proceed if either Willis or Wade stepped down. The latter party decided to remove himself and allow the DA to continue her work. However, Trump’s legal team didn’t feel that was a satisfactory solution, hence the request to appeal.

At least one expert said a victory during the appeal won’t be easy, as McAfee was reportedly thorough in his ruling and explained exactly why the relationship between the attorneys didn’t affect the case against the defendants. Still, Trump’s team believes they will win the appeal and one of the attorneys even thinks they can get the whole case dismissed. He didn’t elaborate on how or why that would occur, outside of the fact that Trump pleaded not guilty to the charges during his arraignment.

However, multiple charges were already dropped in the Georgia case against Trump and some of his other co-defendants. McAfee recently ruled that, for those charges, the prosecution lacked “sufficient detail” to proceed. Willis has six months to decide whether or not she will refile those charges. That said, the former president is still facing 10 charges for election interference and the other defendants still have multiple indictments against them as well.

Currently, no date has been set for the Georgia trial and the recent ruling will likely push the case further on the calendar.

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