Ben Carson: Electing Trump Represents ‘Best Chance’ to Seize Control from Federal Bureaucracy

( – Neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who famously completed the first surgery separating conjoined twins attached at the head, served under former President Donald Trump as his secretary of housing and urban development. A staunch conservative, Carson has been an outspoken Trump supporter since 2016. Recently, he spoke with The Daily Mail about the former president.

During the exclusive sit-down interview, Carson said Washington has become “polluted,” and Trump is the country’s “best chance to transform” the nation into “something that actually works for the people.” The former secretary said what some people refer to as the “swamp,” he refers to as a “cesspool.” Carson explained that he saw first-hand how bureaucrats in the Trump administration would “slow-walk things” they didn’t agree with — although he admitted that was more prevalent in some agencies than others.

While he didn’t elaborate, Carson did expound on how Trump might remove the so-called pollution from the federal government. He said the former president needs to win so he can fill the government with “people who actually believe [in] the Constitution,” and understand how to work to make Americans’ lives better. Carson said it was the only way to “save this republic.”

Trump has insisted that President Joe Biden has weaponized the federal government against him, blaming him for being responsible for the former president’s various felony indictments. Trump previously indicated he would seek revenge on his political enemies and be a “dictator for one day.” He also released a 10-point plan in 2023 to “dismantle the Deep State.” Conservatives are now touting Project 2025, led by the Heritage Foundation, which Professor Moynihan said was “probably the best-detailed blueprint” of a second Trump presidency.

If voters re-elect Trump, that plan for reshaping the government and eliminating various programs would likely begin to take effect. While Trump has not publicly embraced the plan, many parts align with the former president’s agenda.

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