Man Arrested After Crashing into Atlanta FBI Office Gate

( – Nearly two years ago, a Navy veteran allegedly tried to breach the security at the FBI field office in Cincinnati, Ohio. The incident ended in a shootout that left one dead. Now, another Navy veteran has tried to breach security at a field office in another state.

On April 1, the DeKalb County Police Department arrived at the FBI field office in Chamblee, an Atlanta suburb, to arrest a suspect who allegedly tried to enter the secured facility. According to reports, Navy veteran Ervin Lee Bolling is accused of pulling up to the federal building and trying to follow another vehicle, carrying authorized individuals, through the gate.

The suspect’s SUV crashed into a steel barrier that flattens when an authorized vehicle enters the facility, but then raises again before a second car can pass through. The front end of the vehicle was severely damaged when Bolling allegedly attempted to breach the entrance. After crashing the car, he’s accused of exiting it and trying to enter on foot. Two FBI agents who were leaving detained him.

The agents reportedly told Bolling to sit on a curb. At some point, he got up and tried to walk deeper into the facility. The DeKalb police arrived and took the suspect into custody. They took him to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he underwent a mental health evaluation.

Pete Ellis, the FBI special agent in charge, told FOX 5 Atlanta that the man wasn’t associated with the facility. The suspect was charged in federal and state courts for the destruction of government property. After the man’s arrest, bomb techs arrived on scene and checked the vehicle for explosive devices.

During the incident in Ohio in 2022, Ricky Shiffer posted a message on social media stating he was going to attack the FBI. He donned body armor and attempted to breach the entrance at the Cincinnati field office with a rifle and nail gun. When agents realized what was happening, the suspect fled the scene and later died in a shootout with state troopers.

No motive was released for the most recent incident.

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