“Biggest Loser” to Run for US Senate

(ReliableNews.org) – Cara Castronuova is a former Golden Glove boxing champion. She also worked as a celebrity trainer for “The Biggest Losers.” Now, she’s running for the US Senate.

Castronuova claimed she’d collected the signatures she needed to run in the Republican primary. If true, she’d face off against retired New York Police Department detective Mike Sapraicone. Her announcement comes after she filed a lawsuit against the state GOP and the New York Board of Elections on April 1.

In the lawsuit, Castronuova accused the New York State Republican Party of having rules that made it too hard for her to qualify for the ballot. For instance, she had to collect 15,000 valid signatures in 13 of the 26 congressional districts over the course of 37 days. She called the rule unconstitutional and anti-democratic.

In the court papers, the former “Biggest Loser” coach said she’d collected 13,500 signatures. She was supposed to file her petition to run by April 4. If the GOP accepts her petition, then she’d be in the race for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D-NY) seat in the heavily Democratic state.

Sapraicone has already received endorsements from former President Donald Trump and the state GOP.

Castronuova appeared optimistic about getting her name on the ballot, but said she expects there to be challenges because the NY GOP doesn’t like primaries.

Republicans are hoping to take control of the Senate in the fall. That would put them in a great position to stop the Democratic agenda if President Joe Biden is reelected in November. If Trump wins the presidential election and the GOP keeps the majority in the House, winning the Senate would give them control of both branches of government for at least two years. That would put them in the position to pass many of Trump’s priorities, like stricter border policies and more tax cuts for business owners.

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