Gunman Opens Fire on Easter Leaving One Deceased and Seven Injured

( – Traditionally, Easter is a day when families come together to honor the sacrifice of the Lord’s only son. Sadly, an event in Nashville, Tennessee, turned deadly, and a family was thrown into mourning.

On March 31, families piled into Roasted Salemtown restaurant for an Easter Brunch. Among them was Alabama resident Allen Beachem, 33, who was in town celebrating his wife and brother’s birthdays. At about 3 p.m., the Metro Nashville Police Department received a phone call about a shooting at the restaurant. When they arrived, they found Beachem with a fatal gunshot wound and five others with non-life-threatening bullet wounds.

Don Aaron, a police spokesperson, said a pregnant woman suffered a panic attack, and a sixth person was either grazed by a bullet or was scratched by something else.

According to authorities, the shooting took place after an alleged altercation between Beachem and 46-year-old Anton Rucker. The argument escalated, and Rucker reportedly pulled out a gun and began firing. Afterward, he jumped in a Mercedes and fled the scene. Officers are still looking for him.

Aaron said there was no indication the men knew one another. He doesn’t know what started the argument but said it might have been “something as simple as one person invading another person’s space.”

Beachem’s family and community are now mourning his loss. He was a military veteran, coach for a youth basketball team, volunteer firefighter, father, and husband. Keanna Lowe, the victim’s cousin, told News Channel 5 that she was “devastated, heartbroken” over his murder. She said their “whole community is hurt,” and so is her family.

Lowe gave more detail about what happened, saying Beachem “died protecting his brother” because the suspect was aiming for him. She said her cousin jumped in front of his sibling. The injured parties included Beachem’s wife, brother, and two of his cousins.

Rucker is now on the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s Most Wanted list.

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