Biden Chooses Fundraiser Over Officer’s Wake

( – President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will go head-to-head again in November. The two men are currently on the campaign trail. Trump took his tough-on-crime message to a police officer’s wake, while Biden went to a fundraiser.

On Thursday, March 28, Biden attended a sold-out gala at Radio City Music Hall with former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Five thousand people turned out for the high-profile event with the three presidents and performers like Lizzo. They ripped Trump apart in their remarks to the crowd, telling them that he should never be allowed to occupy the White House again.

The trio raised $26 million for Biden’s reelection campaign, a record-breaking amount for a fundraiser, according to the president’s campaign. Earlier in the day, about 40 miles away, Trump was doing something far more important. He attended the wake of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller who’d been killed in action just days before.

Diller died on Monday, March 25, during what should have been an ordinary traffic stop in Queens. Just before 6 p.m., he and his partner saw a car illegally parked at a bus stop. When they approached the vehicle, the occupant shot Diller. Unfortunately, the bullet entered the officer below his bulletproof vest. The other officer returned fire and wounded the suspect. The three-year NYPD veteran died at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center.

Trump attended Diller’s wake in Massapequa, Long Island. After the service, he held a press conference outside of the funeral home where it was being held and promised to reduce crime. He claimed that something had to be done in NYC because the current methods aren’t doing anything.

However, according to NYPD statistics, the city’s overall crime rate is currently trending down. The latest report in February stated there were “[o]ngoing reductions achieved in shootings, homicides, vehicle thefts, [and] other major crimes.”

Officer Diller is survived by his wife, Stephanie, and his young son, Ryan.

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