Biden Voter Says He Is Gaslighting Everyone

( – The 2024 election is only about seven months away, and early voting starts even sooner than that. Americans will once again have to decide between former President Donald Trump and POTUS Joe Biden. A recent group of undecided voters were not thrilled with either candidate and one of them accused Biden of gaslighting Americans.

On April 10, Mika Brzezinski Scarborough aired a segment about a panel of undecided voters on “Morning Joe.” The study was conducted by a polling group, Wicks Insights, and hosted by the video platform 2WAY. The people who participated in the focus group included those from three of the biggest battleground states, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

When the participants were asked about the economy, all said they would be better off under Trump. One woman named Virginia said she didn’t think Biden was doing anything to address the economic problems, saying he “doesn’t even take accountability” and it’s like “he’s in denial” about what’s happening.

A 2020 Biden voter who only identified himself as “Omar” said the president “needs to hear the people.” He explained that he thinks when Biden starts to talk about the economy, “he’s talking about the stock market” and not what average people are dealing with, like the price of groceries. He accused the president of “gaslighting literally everyone” when he spoke about economic issues.

A voter named Nathan said, “I think [Biden’s] been absolutely disastrous for the economy.”

The panel didn’t only have criticism for Biden, they also let loose on Trump. Virginia called the former POTUS “mean” and said that although she supports nearly all of his policies, she doesn’t “like him as a leader.” A man named Shawn accused Trump of being divisive and not trying to bring the country together. Omar agreed, calling the 45th president “volatile.”

A female panelist named Kim mentioned the January 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol and said that it makes her wonder what would happen next if Trump were in charge.

It appears voters have a lot of thinking to do before they cast their ballots in November.

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