Feds Accuse ‘The Torture King’ of Crimes

(ReliableNews.org) – Social media apps make the world a little smaller, connecting like-minded people from around the world. While that can be a positive thing, bringing family and friends closer together across continents, some nefarious characters can easily connect as well. A recent case involving animal torture highlighted the dark side of the web and humanity.

In March, a man from Virginia dubbed the “Torture King,” Michael Macartney, was arrested and charged with conspiracy to create and distribute animal-crushing videos. The BBC Eye team uncovered a ring of disgusting monkey torture groups after a year-long investigation — Macartney was the ringleader.

The suspect reportedly used Telegram to communicate with other like-minded people, including three women in the UK who were also arrested. Two of the women charged were Holly LeGresley and Adriana Orme from Upton-upon-Severn. They are facing charges of publishing an obscene article and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

The BBC Eye team reported that the group members would share horrific ways to torture the monkeys and send the ideas to people who would carry out the requests while filming. The video would then be distributed to cruel individuals around the globe. The instances included the most horrific and vile means of treatment anyone could imagine — “torture, murder, and sexually sadistic mutilation of animals.”

Macartney admitted his role in the “demented world” in 2023. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy and has been cooperating with the Department of Homeland Security. Macartney could spend up to five years in prison for his crimes. At least 20 people in the network have also been under investigation.

In the United States, two others have been arrested and charged with the same crimes as Macartney — former US Air Force Officer David Noble and Nicole Devilbiss. If found guilty, they could spend up to five years in prison, too. In Indonesia, where the torture actually took place, two people were arrested and thrown in jail.

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