Another Person Discovered Dead at Key Bridge Collapse Area While Cleaning Up

( – The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, collapsed just a few days before Easter. Six road crew workers died in the collapse. Two of the deceased victims were found in the days after the accident. Divers found the third person on April 6 and now another family has been given closure.

A shipping vessel slammed into the bridge on March 26 after experiencing a power outage and losing the ability to control the ship. The Key Bridge crumbled upon impact, throwing eight road crew workers into the icy waters below. Two of the workers were pulled from the water alive, but sadly the other six were presumed dead after a long day of searching.

On April 15, Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott announced a fourth victim was recovered from a vehicle. He explained that according to Unified Command, salvage teams were able to remove the victim from the wreckage while clearing debris from the channel. The mayor expressed gratitude to the salvage teams for their work. He also thanked the state, local, and federal law enforcement authorities that responded to the accident.

Mexican officials announced the victim’s name was Carlos Daniel Hernández. In a post on X, formerly Twitter, Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs Alicia Bárcena said the victim “represents [their] Mexican workers in the USA.” She said the country sends its “deepest condolences and consular support to his family.”

Another post from the foreign ministry promised to stay in contact with the victim’s family and continue to offer support. The Washington Post reported officials in Maryland also promised to provide support and assistance to the victims’ families. Maryland Gov. Wes Moore (D) said the families had bipartisan support from state lawmakers.

The other victims that have been recovered are Dorlian Castillo Cabrera, Alejandro Hernandez Fuentes, and Maynor Suazo Sandoval. José López and Miguel Luna are still missing, but officials continue to look for their remains to return them to their families.

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