Republican Senator Warns Trump’s VP Choice Will Shock People

( – Former President Donald Trump is once again the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee. This time around, he won’t be running with former Vice President Mike Pence. A Republican senator has now said the candidate’s running mate will be a surprise.

Trump has floated multiple names of people he likes and could choose to be his second-in-command. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) spoke to POLITICO about the former president’s nominating process for a vice president and said he has asked people about who he should choose. However, the senator thinks that none of the people mentioned will actually be his final choice.

Tuberville told the website that if Americans are hearing someone’s name, “it ain’t going to be them.” He called all of the names “propaganda” and pointed out it’s a common tactic. The senator, a former football coach, explained that in his previous career, his agent would float his name every time a new coaching position opened up and then leverage the interest he received to get him a raise.

He pointed out that the former president’s own campaign advisers have expressed irritation about some of the maneuvering from consultants behind closed doors.

One thing is for sure, there are a lot of opinions about what kind of vice president Trump should choose. Like in 2016, some people want him to pick a more measured, calm person to balance him and coherently talk about the issues this time around, too. Others, like Donald Trump Jr., don’t want another former Vice President Mike Pence. They want someone who is going to go after the Left just as hard as Trump does and take no prisoners. The former president’s oldest son even floated Tucker Carlson as a potential running mate.

The process of picking a candidate is predicted to take months. An outside firm is currently vetting potential running mates.

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