Flights Rerouted as Airport Parking Blaze Threatens Electric Vehicles

Passenger Plane Goes Down With US Citizens On Board

( – Luton Airport is the fourth largest in London, England. Hundreds of thousands of people travel out of and into it every week. Recently, officials diverted flights after a massive blaze broke out.

On Tuesday, October 10, a fire ripped through a parking garage at the London airport. The Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service responded to the blaze at about 8:45 p.m. local time. BBC reporter Rachael McMenemy provided live updates throughout the day on Wednesday after officials suspended flights Tuesday night until 3 p.m. the next day.

Fire crews responded to the third level of the parking lot after someone reported the blaze. Authorities believe the fire began when a diesel engine exploded. At least 15 fire engines and more than 100 firefighters also responded. Russell Taylor, 41, said he saw firefighters battling the fire on the top level of the parking garage, and moments “later most of the upper floor was alight.” The fire caused explosions and other cars to light up. He said, “The speed in which the fire took hold was incredible.”

Liam Smith, a fire crew commander, told the reporter that there were “lots of electric vehicles” that were involved in the incident early on. He explained that the cars were pretty close together which is how the blaze was able to spread so quickly.

The parking lot could hold up to 1,900 vehicles. Emergency responders estimated hundreds of vehicles were damaged in the fire. Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service Chief Fire Officer Andrew Hopkinson said a ramp was being built to remove the cars that weren’t damaged. The blaze caused “significant structural collapse” in part of the parking garage.

Photos from the airport showed travelers who’d had their flights canceled sleeping on the floors or on top of their luggage. Those who were on flights diverted to other airports were provided with taxis.

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