Over 300 Pro-Palestinian Protesters Arrested After Storming the Capitol

Over 300 Pro-Palestinian Protesters Arrested After Storming the Capitol

(ReliableNews.org) – Government officials, including President Joe Biden, have repeatedly stated they are supporting Israel in its battle against Hamas. However, many Americans are attacking the Israeli government and accusing them of carrying out a genocide on the Palestinian people. A group recently took their message to Capitol Hill — and police arrested hundreds of them.

On Wednesday, October 18, hundreds of protesters with Jewish advocacy groups stormed the Cannon House Office Building. That’s a building across the street from Capitol Hill where many lawmakers’ offices are located. The demonstrators were from groups like Jewish Voice for Peace and wore shirts that read “NOT IN OUR NAME” and “JEWS SAY CEASEFIRE NOW.” They chanted, “Let Gaza live,” as they marched through the building.

The activists descended on the capital a day after a rocket hit a hospital in Gaza and killed hundreds of people. Hamas has blamed Israel for the explosion, but US intelligence agencies reported the Palestinian Islamic Jihad was responsible for the attack.

Capitol Police quickly responded and warned the crowd of activists that they were not allowed to protest inside the building. Officers then started arresting the protesters. According to reports, they took 305 people into custody. Police charged some of them with assault and others with illegally demonstrating.

The protests came almost two weeks after Hamas terrorists started a war with Israel by launching a sneak attack on October 7. Militants crossed into Israel from the Gaza Strip and killed hundreds of innocent civilians. Some of the terrorists targeted a music festival and massacred 260 people. They were also accused of murdering babies.

Israel immediately issued a declaration of war and vowed to eliminate Hamas. The nation also cut off electricity, water, and food to the Gaza Strip. The humanitarian crisis has led to protests across the world, like the one in DC. President Joe Biden promised $100 million in humanitarian aid to Gaza.

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