Philadelphia Pharmacy Suffers $150K Damage from Looters with Axes and Hammers

( – At the end of September, groups of thieves spent multiple days looting locations in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. The first night, the crowd went to Center City, stealing from places like Foot Locker and the Apple store. At least 15 people were arrested, but that didn’t stop the chaos. The second evening, another bunch of people broke into a beauty shop and a liquor store, busting through the front glass to steal the goods inside. Overall, police took more than 50 people into custody as a result of the widespread looting. Still, the problem persists.

On October 11, the New York Post reported that a band of thieves broke into a local mom-and-pop pharmacy, stealing medications and ransacking the business. The estimated cost of the damages and theft is $150,000. Footage showed the group gaining access to Fairmount Pharmacy by breaking the gate and smashing the front window and door. The looters were armed with axes and hammers, stealing “all medication” from the small neighborhood establishment.

The shop owner, Gerald Volgraf, was first notified about the event when he received a phone call from the tenants who live directly above the pharmacy around 3 a.m. He immediately rushed down to his business to assess the situation. He told Fox 29 that he found the front gates “ripped off,” the store in disarray, missing drugs, and a “ton of damage.” There was also a small amount of cash stolen from the register. However, Volgraf said the looting incident wouldn’t stop him from continuing to serve his community. He said he refused to let the event “break [his] spirit.” The owner opened the next day on time and vowed to open the next day on time as well.

Police released the store footage to the public in hopes that someone would be able to identify the suspects. They were all dressed in dark clothing with hooded sweatshirts pulled over their heads to obscure them from view.

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