Hillary Clinton Engages in Intense Screaming Match

(ReliableNews.org) – On October 20, President Joe Biden spoke to the nation to discuss the happenings around the world after his recent visit to Israel. He said the US was “facing an inflection point in history.” The US leader reminded the nation why world happenings in places like Israel, Gaza, and Ukraine should matter to America and what they could mean to national security if the US turns a blind eye. Biden called America the “indispensable nation” responsible for helping “innocent people all over the world.” While many commended the president’s speech, not everyone felt that way. Oddly, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton caught the blunt end of one man’s strong opinion on the matter.

On October 23, Clinton was leading a panel discussion at Columbia University in New York City to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. While she was speaking, a man in the audience stood up, interrupted the event, and started yelling at the former politician. He wanted Clinton to “denounce” Biden’s “warmongering” speech. The man questioned why America should spend billions of dollars in funding on “Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine” and “pretend” the US is rushing toward another world war.

Clinton explained that yelling and interrupting the event wasn’t the “way to have a conversation,” inviting the man to talk to her after the program. That didn’t seem to satisfy him. Although the former secretary tried several times to move on with the panel discussion, the heckler wouldn’t allow it — he only got louder. He said Biden wasn’t “speaking for the people,” and neither was Clinton. She responded by saying that was his opinion and tried to shift the focus back to the people “on the front lines” of human rights issues. While the former politician lobbed a few quips back at the frazzled man, she kept her composure. Another panel member shot back at the heckler — to no avail. It appeared the man was finally escorted out of the room.

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