White House Slammed for Approach to Combating Islamophobia

(ReliableNews.org) – Islamophobia and antisemitism are both on the rise in the wake of the war between Israel and Gaza. The White House recently released a plan to tackle Islamaphobia. Critics have slammed President Joe Biden’s approach.

On November 1, President Joe Biden’s administration announced the first-ever “National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia.” The announcement comes weeks after a 6-year-old Palestinian boy died after his family’s landlord stabbed him as revenge for the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel. Vice President Kamala Harris said the exact details of the plan are still in the works but will aim “to protect Muslims […] from hate, bigotry and violence.”

Republicans quickly criticized the administration for the plan.


Conservative commentator Tammy Bruce insinuated the administration doesn’t care about Jewish people while they are “being threatened, hunted, [and] attacked worldwide.”


Chad Gilmartin, who served as deputy spokesman for former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), also pointed out the rise in hate crimes against Jews when mentioning the plan to combat Islamaphobia.


Although critics have accused the president of not caring about antisemitism, the White House released the first-ever plan to combat that problem months ago. In May 2023, after a surge in hate crimes against the Jewish community, the administration released “The US National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism.”

The plan includes more than 100 actions the federal government would take to combat the problem and 100 calls to action for Congress, companies, state and local governments, students, educators, and others to tackle antisemitism in their lives every day. The administration’s plan includes four pillars:

  1. increasing understanding and awareness of antisemitism while also broadening the appreciation of Jewish heritage;
  2. improving security and safety in Jewish communities across America;
  3. countering antisemitic discrimination and reversing the normalization of it; and
  4. building a cross-community collective against antisemitism.

While the White House’s plans are important, Americans will all have to do their part to keep people safe, no matter what religion they follow.

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