AOC Accused of “Ditching” New York

( – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (R-NY) is up for reelection again. It appears some of the voters in her district aren’t happy with her. They’re accusing her of being an absentee lawmaker.

On March 19, a segment aired on Fox News from Rachel Campos-Duffy, the host of “Fox and Friends Weekend,” where she spoke to residents of Jackson Heights of AOC’s congressional district. The Conservative host asked the voters how they felt about the congresswoman and the migrant crisis.

One woman told Campos-Duffy that the Democratic congresswoman is “never” at home in her district. The woman went on to say that she used to volunteer for AOC but stopped. She said the congresswoman has “completely abandoned [her] community.”

A male resident told the Fox News host that he believes the lawmaker should walk through her district and take a look at all of “the garbage, all the people getting robbed during the daytime and the nighttime.”

Another man blamed the migrant crisis, saying there was “so much immigration now” as a result of President Joe Biden’s policies. Campos-Duffy asked him if he was seeing more criminal activity, and he confirmed he had, saying, “Robberies, a lot of crackheads.” A woman said she feels unsafe in her neighborhood because she has been assaulted at least three times.

Campos-Duffy told her colleague Steve Doocy that the feeling among community members was that it was “unbearable,” and there was a “giant disconnect between what AOC cares about” and what’s important to her constituents. For example, the progressive lawmaker has made climate change a priority, but the residents of Jackson Heights just want the city to pick up the trash piling up.

AOC is facing a primary challenge from Martin Dolan, an ex-Wall Street banker, who has accused her of doing very little for her district. The Democrat told The Bronx Times that he thinks residents are sick of progressive leadership, saying they’ve made New York City worse.

“All I ever cared about was helping people,” Dolan said.

The New York Democratic primary will take place in June.

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